Innovation in Healthcare Conference 2012

Please join Alliance Healthcare Foundation on Friday, March 23rd for the 2012 Innovation in Healthcare Conference. Presented in partnership with Qualcomm, Our 3rd annual conference, Community Dialog for Innovating our Future, provides forward-thinking strategies for facilitating high-functioning collaborations for social impact. We believe that cross-sector, multi-organization partnerships are key to finding new solutions to the challenges of advancing health and wellness for those in need…

AHF Funding Forum 2012 Recap

AHF Funding Forum 2012 Recap

Thank you to those who attended our February 15th Funding Forum. We appreciated the opportunity to meet you and share our vision for advancing health and wellness for those in need.

Rob McCray, chairman of the AHF board, started the morning by speaking to AHF’s worldview. He spoke about the increasing need for services and the reduced federal and state resources, pointing to the need for organizations to increase capacity and do more with existing resources.

As an organization with a $63 million endowment serving a population of at least 500,000 (those living at or below 250% FPL in San Diego and Imperial County), AHF must be strategic in maximizing their own very limited resources. McCray noted that in any given year AHF may spend no more than 5% of their endowment. To demonstrate a commitment to reducing costs and increasing efficiency, McCray noted that AHF began moving toward reducing their operational expenses by 50%. This goal is nearly realized…

Center for Community Solutions

Mission Statement: CCS has provided 42 years of compassionate, professional, specialized services that heal and prevent sexual assault and relationship violence.  Our mission is to end relationship and sexual violence by being a catalyst for caring communities and...