February 10, 2012

Chicano Federation

Mission Statement: The mission of Chicano Federation is to create and promote empowering opportunities for our community. CF has 8 programs, including early childhood education, child nutrition, foster care, HIV prevention, and affordable housing. CF has a budget of over $16 million, 144 employees, and serves more than 10,000 people each year.

Impact Statement: Chicano Federation is making a vital contribution toward improving access to healthcare to low-income families through proven programs. Our Child Nutrition Program, in its 16th year, ensures children from low-income families are receiving the proper food they need to grow healthy. CF’s program provides 7,000 children nutritious meals and snacks on a daily basis and teaches them about food preparation, portion control, and a sustainable lifestyle. In addition to the daily nutritional component, our providers are also actively reaching approximately 14,000 parents and assisting them with their needs to access healthcare at an affordable rate or at no-cost. They educate families about how to access state sponsored low-cost insurance through the Healthy Families Program. They are also part of a local health care community referral program. Whether a child needs immunizations, medication or has a more serious health issue, our network works to meet their needs.

Contact Information: Chicano Federation of San Diego County, Inc., 3180 University Ave., #317, San Diego, CA 92104 | 619-285-5600 |

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