February 10, 2012

Mission Statement: We are a private, non-profit corporation in Imperial and Riverside Counties. Our mission is to provide direct access to comprehensive quality primary and preventive health care for high risk and other underserved residents, in a manner consistent with their dignity and identity and at a reasonable cost through strategically situated health centers.

Impact Statement: Since 1970, we have logically developed our expansion of sites, services and programs; from starting with comprehensive needs assessments through developing health and business plans and budgets. We accept diverse health coverage programs and actively pursue contributions and grants from individuals, business, foundation, and all levels of government. We respond promptly and intelligently to identified needs and opportunities. This has allowed us to grow our organizational budget of $300,000 in 1970 to over $23 million today; to having one medical clinic in 1970, to now operating ten health care centers, three dental clinics, three WIC programs and nine community health programs in underserved, geographically isolated areas.  We aim to make all of our services high quality and responsive to the culture and language of our community; knowing that sustainable access includes clients feeling satisfied and confident they are getting the best possible care.

Contact Information: Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo, 1166 K Street, Brawley, CA 92227 | 760-344-6471 | https://www.cdsdp.org

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