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Alliance Healthcare Foundation (AHF) works to advance health and wellness for people who face significant barriers to better health. We do this in San Diego & Imperial counties through collaborative funding, convening and advocacy.
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Addressing Root Causes

The systems that exist today were created decades ago to benefit some over others. These benefits have manifested themselves in several ways including wealth. Learn more about our work to address the systems that create health and wealth inequities.


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Supporting the Safety Net

We partner with organizations closest to those in need. Our investments include multi-year, unrestricted core operating grants as well as short-term interventions to get people back on their feet, and capacity building grants that can leverage an organization’s ability to grow and serve more people. Apply for funding or co-invest with us.

advancing sustainable innovation advancing sustainable innovation

Advancing Sustainable Innovation

We invest in innovative, long-term solutions will transform health outcomes for communities experiencing the greatest inequities. Our programs are focused on sustainable and scalable innovations, initiatives and systems-change transformations that aim to close racial equity gaps in health and wellbeing. Apply for funding or co-invest with us.