February 10, 2012

Horn of Africa

Mission Statement: Established in 1995, Horn of Africa Community is a 501(C) 3 nonprofit organization that provides culturally and linguistically appropriate support services. The agency’s mission is to promote successful integration, physical and emotional health and well-being, among the African refugee population in San Diego.

Advancing Health and Wellness: Horn of Africa has a long history of serving our community underserved and poor. We are currently working with pregnant mothers and mothers with small children in order to access vital health services such as a medical home, access to health insurance and access to proper healthcare. In a given year, we serve three to four thousand children and their parents in accessing healthcare. This area has been our major focus since the inception of Horn of Africa back in the mid 90s and our first grant was a health outreach grant funded by Alliance Healthcare Foundation.

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Contact Information: Abdi Mohamoud,; 619-583-0532 | | Facebook

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