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Addressing Root Causes of Health Inequities 

Evidence links greater wealth and financial stability with better health.

People with greater wealth and income tend to live longer; have lower rates of chronic disease, and have more favorable health outcomes. Income, wealth and education, along with their behavioral effects, are stronger predictors of a person’s future health status than genetics; access to health care or physical environment combined. Unfortunately, wealth and income in America are unequally distributed by race. To address the fundamental “upstream” social determinants of health (SDoH), we launched an Economic Mobility and Security Initiative, focusing on three primary strategies:

  • Providing Guaranteed Income
  • Investing in the Housing Continuum
  • Creating Equitable Workforce Pathways
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Guaranteed Income

Providing direct cash assistance is a proven trust-based strategy to reduce childhood and family poverty.



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Housing Continuum

Investing in the housing continuum specifically positioned to disproportionately support people of color, recognizing the historic and systemic barriers to stable housing that have plagued BIPOC populations for generations.



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Workforce Pathways

Supporting equitable workforce pathways is ultimately about creating opportunities for workers to increase their income and wealth building potential.