Just in Time for Foster Youth


Mission Statement:  Just in Time for Foster Youth engages a caring community to help transitioning foster youth achieve self-sufficiency and well-being.


Advancing Health and Wellness:  To make our vision a reality, JIT mobilizes a caring community as an extended family for transitioning foster youth.  This is done through consistent relationships and emergency resources provided by individuals, agencies, businesses, and foundations that share our core values and mission.


Description: While other programs might assist with support such as transitional housing or college scholarships, JIT looks where there is a critical need and fills that gap to ensure that motivated youth reach their goal of self-sufficient adulthood. We also fill the most important gap of all: connections to caring adults, who then become a lifelong support system and the consistent community for the youth we serve.

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Contact Information: Don Wells, Executive Director, | | Address: 3878 Old Town Ave. 2nd Floor San Diego, CA 92110 | Mailing address: P.O. Box 81292 San Diego, CA 92138 | Facebook |

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Just in Time for Foster Youth


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