Game Changer: Improving Community Relations

Embrace is elevating the dialogue between community and law enforcement thru their program Game Changer.

Embrace is a 2018 Alliance Healthcare Foundation Mission Support recipient. Their work is demonstrating the ability to improve community and law enforcement relations—essential to improved health and wellness for individuals, families and communities.
Over the past 28 months, Game Changer has hosted 60+ events with over 750 unique members of law enforcement and non-law enforcement members of the community. Game Changer events are scheduled in San Diego and in select U.S. host cities in partnership with professional and collegiate sports teams. To learn more, visit

About Game Changer. Game Changer creates safe space for lay members of the community, law enforcement and elected officials to discuss problems and devise solutions together during moderated focus groups that take place three hours before the start of collegiate and professional sporting events. At the focus group conclusion, all participants attend the game together to build bridges, mend fences and spend quality time together. Learn more at

See Game Changer in action.

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