Everything You Thought You Knew About Poverty is Wrong

Alliance Healthcare Foundation is pleased to be partnered with Family Independence Initiative (Fii) in exploring ways to bring their unconventional, transformative program to San Diego and Imperial counties to make poverty escapable.

Founder, Mauricio Lim Miller, spoke about Fii’s program and successful outcomes at the San Diego County Live Well Advance last Fall.

Fii’s mission is to trust and invest directly in low-income families across the nation so they can work individually and collectively to achieve prosperity. Fii does this by providing the technology platform to strengthen social networks, access resources, and support one another in achieving economic mobility. Significantly, Fii is changing the narrative about low-income families in our country.

Find out what people are doing for themselves.

Census bureau studies show that people cycle in and out of poverty.

We learn better from others than from a handout.

Join the Coalition

Fii will be coming to San Diego and Imperial counties this Spring. Sign-up to become part of the coalition to bring Fii to our region.


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