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2022 Innovation Initiative (i2) $1 Million Challenge Grant 

Solving our most intractable health and wellness challenges requires innovative, transformative and sustainable solutions.

Application opens January 1, 2022
Application closes January 28, 2022
Decision: January 2023

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Innovation Initiative (i2) – General Overview

2022 i2 Challenge Grant Summary

General Overview



With our Innovation Initiative (i2) Alliance Healthcare Foundation seeks market-based and/or transformational systems-change solutions with the potential to:

  • improve access, quality and health outcomes
  • increase capacity
  • reduce costs

for the most systemically marginalized and under-resourced populations in San Diego and/or Imperial counties.

One of the most efficient ways we can support population health and wellness improvement is by helping innovations succeed, scale, and achieve sustainability.

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What is i2?



i2 is a $1 million milestone-based challenge grant which includes a 12-month mentorship journey culminating in a final pitch session to a panel of judges.

What i2 isn’t?



i2 is not a general operating grant or follow-on funding for an existing, well-established enterprise. 




Alliance Healthcare Foundation (AHF), based in San Diego, is a 501c3 private foundation advancing the health and wellness of under-resourced, systemically oppressed, and resilient communities in San Diego and Imperial counties.  Learn more about our history and work here.

Since 2010, one of our funding programs – Innovation Initiative (i2) – has supported promising new innovations aimed at transforming the current health paradigm of high cost and poor outcomes to improve quality, increase capacity, and reduce costs for the most marginalized and under-resourced populations in San Diego and/or Imperial counties.

For more of Alliance’s history, click here.

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Some Past i2 Winners 



2-1-1 San Diego / Community Information Exchange (CIE)

2-1-1 San Diego was a new social safety service, but it needed better intake and data coordination between referral partners to truly support the community in real time. AHF was an original seed funder in 2011 for what has become San Diego’s multidisciplinary network of partners that use a shared language, resource database, and integrated technology platform to deliver enhanced community care planning that includes integrated data from multiple sources and enables bi-directional referrals to create a shared longitudinal record of individuals seeking health and social service help.

Interfaith Community Services / Recovery and Wellness Center
To fill the service gap for individuals going through recovery from addiction, AHF provided seed funding to Interfaith Community Services in 2016 to develop its Recovery and Wellness Center, which provides individuals 18 and over with Drug Medi-Cal or no insurance living in San Diego County a safe place to recover from addiction (short-term residential treatment). In its first three years, the Center became self-sustaining.

Champions for Health / Text4Baby
One of the first i2 grant challenge winners in 2010, Champions for Health conceived of an app to provide free text messages to under-resourced moms and moms-to-be with health, nutrition and safety information. The app ultimately was purchased by Wellpass which today still provides Text4Baby as a free service that continues to help new moms all over the world.

Somali Family Service of San Diego
Vaccination hesitation is pervasive in the refugee and immigrant communities of San Diego. AHF provided R&D funding in 2017 to Somali Family Service to develop a vaccination education and awareness program that uses virtual reality technology and culturally specific education to help caregivers see and learn about viruses (specifically MMR) and the purpose and benefit of vaccinations. Somali Family Service developed the technology and is now a semi-finalist in the XPRIZE Rapid Reskilling competition for follow-on funding to reskill under-resourced community health workers for digital technology, leverage their cultural and linguistic expertise and help close gaps in health outcomes.

For a full list of past i2 grantees, click here.

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Deadline to apply: Friday, January 28, 2022

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2022 i2 Challenge Grant



The 2022 i2 Challenge Grant is a $1 million milestone-based grant awarded once a year to one entity through a rigorous evaluation process. Our overarching goal is to support the winner of the i2 Challenge Grant as they go on to secure additional funding; scale their solution for maximum benefit for their focus population, and become self-sustainable.

We believe that your zip code, race, socioeconomic status, gender or ability should not determine your life expectancy.

To activate on that belief, we are seeking sustainable market-based innovations and/or systems-change transformations aimed at closing gaps in health equity and wellness, which have been dramatically exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Examples of Closing Gaps (purely for illustration; not an exhaustive list): 

  • Chronic condition prevention and/or management (diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular)
  • Access to health and wellness for those without broadband connectivity, transportation, health literacy, language fluency
  • Opportunity for wealth building at lowest income levels
  • Access to mental and behavioral health care for the under- and uninsured

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Who is eligible to apply?



Eligible i2 Challenge Grant lead applicants include:

        • Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.
        • Social Enterprises. A social enterprise can be a nonprofit, certified B Corp or for-profit organization that advances health equity and wellness of those in need.
        • Collaborations. Collaborations can be community-based programs or initiatives that are “housed” in an academic institution; a public-private team with an established tax identification, or a public-private-nonprofit team with an established tax identification. In the case of a collaboration among entities, there needs to be a lead applicant who will be authorized to bind all participant organizations, and who will receive any applicable milestone-contingent grant funds. Alliance Healthcare Foundation shall have no responsibility to allocate or apportion any grant monies among participant organizations or entities.Solving complex healthcare and social problems requires new and cross-sector thinking, including community voices. Preference will be given to innovations that include defined multi-sector partner(s) as co-applicant(s).
        • All applicants will be considered under the same criteria without regard to their type of entity. If a for-profit organization is the winner of the i2 Challenge Grant, that for-profit organization must issue to AHF a purchase right (a “Warrant”) that enables AHF to purchase a number of the most senior equity securities of the for-profit organization. The Warrant will be a condition of the grant and will remain in effect for a pre-determined period following the effective date of the Warrant. See more about this here.

      Eligible proposals must:

      • Focus on root cause solutions rather than simply addressing symptoms
      • Have a clear market-based or systems-change sustainability plan that is not reliant on ongoing grants or philanthropic fundraising when scaled
      • Involve those closest to the social problem in determining the solution
      • Demonstrate clear and measurable improved health outcomes and reduced disparities for constituents
      • Directly address health disparities through an explicit equity lens

      Address one of the following:

      • Systemic Problems in the healthcare system, such as:
      • Expanding access to quality healthcare resources to all (i.e., navigation, care coordination, cultural competency or removing barriers such as transportation, health literacy, language fluency, remote monitoring, telehealth)
      • Elimination of bias within health systems (i.e., integrated care, fair financing, incorporating social determinants of health, cultural competency, language accessibility)
      • Wholistic Chronic Condition Prevention & Management, such as:
      • Leveraging technology to improve outcomes; reduce re-admission; improve adherence, etc.
      • Eliminating environmental hazards that exasperate health disparities
      • Improving access to quality and effective behavioral health services

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Excluded Applicants



The following entities are not eligible to apply for the 2022 i2 Challenge Grant:

  • Mature entities that are seeking general operating funds
  • Entities without a specific focus on a vulnerable or historically marginalized/under-resourced populations
  • Entities that seek to profit from historically marginalized/under-resourced populations
  • Entities without an operating focus in San Diego and/or Imperial counties
  • Individuals
  • Entities formed under the laws of a country other than the United States
  • Past i2 grantees
  • Entities that are developing pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, health food, fitness service, or medical devices requiring FDA approval unless the technology is part of an evidenced-based or novel innovation that is a well-supported approach to one of the eligibility criteria above.




12-Month Timeline

i2 Application Posted Friday, January 7, 2022
i2 Kickoff Event Friday, January 14, 2022
i2 Application Due Friday, January 28, 2022
Up to 25 Applicants Selected Friday, February 11, 2022
Social Enterprise Start-Up Workshop(s) Friday, February 25, 2022
Phase 1 Presentations Friday, April 22, 2022
Up to 10 Semi-Finalists Selected Friday, April 29, 2022
Phase 2 Presentations Friday, June 24, 2022
Up to 5 Finalists Selected Friday, July 1, 2022
Final Presentation Friday, December 16, 2022
i2 Winner Decision Made Friday, January 13, 2023

*NOTE: Timelines for the i2 Innovation Challenge Grant program may be adjusted with sufficient notice.

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i2 Journey



i2 journey diagram v2

Phase 1-3 Descriptions

PHASE 1: Proposal & Planning (January – April)

The application period opens January 1, 2022 and closes on January 28, 2022. The AHF i2 Challenge Grant evaluation team will confirm that each submission meets the basic requirements and grant program goals before advancing to the i2 Challenge Grant Scoring and Evaluation Review Panel. During this phase, Alliance Healthcare Foundation will include internal and external reviewers with relevant expertise to help assess each application. Up to 25 applicants will be invited to continue in the i2 Challenge.

The selected organizations will have the opportunity to refine their ideas and develop/strengthen their business models.  AHF in collaboration with an Innovation Partner will offer an optional 1-day (or multi-day) “start-up” workshop for all 25 organizations at no cost to the applicants.  Applicants will be offered participation stipends to attend.

The “start-up” workshop(s) may include topics such as:

  • business model validation
  • customer experience/value proposition
  • financial modeling/pricing
  • measuring impact
  • intellectual property protection
  • how to pitch

The intent of the workshop(s) is to provide an overview of these concepts that will give the participating organizations a better understanding of what to work on to make their business more successful.

At the conclusion of Phase 1, the 25 organizations will present an early demonstration of their solution and/or a skeleton business model.  Up to 10 organizations will move on to the next phase of i2.

PHASE 2: Validating (April – June)

This phase of the i2 Challenge Grant will provide up to 10 organizations the opportunity to validate their solutions with customers to demonstrate early traction and product-market fit.

The goals for applicants in this phase include:

  • functioning prototype of their innovative solution
  • access to their focus population and have collected data that validates their solution with customers/clients, and demonstrate early traction and product-market fit
  • able to make a “quick pitch” that describes their solution, lessons learned, and next steps for building/scaling their solution

At the conclusion of this phase, the organizations will prepare a 3-page summary of their business (including what they have learned during the validation phase) and present a quick pitch deck to AHF staff, Innovation Partner, community representatives, and the full AHF Program Committee.  Up to five organizations will advance to Phase 3.

Phase 3: Building (July – December)

During the last phase of the challenge, the top five organizations will each be awarded a $20,000 grant to support the applicant’s Phase 3 building process. Applicants will be paired by the Innovation Partner with a mentor(s) and receive customized coaching to demonstrate further progress towards business development. Please note that taking advantage of the business coaching element is not a requirement of this process. It is intended to be an optional capacity building opportunity fully funded by Alliance Healthcare Foundation for all interested finalists. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) may also be assigned to supplement the work of the mentor(s). In terms of technical assistance and coaching, this final stage of the i2 Challenge Grant is where AHF plans to invest the most resources.

The goals for the finalists in this phase include:

  • strong business model and business plan
  • identified business/organizational deficits which they are actively working to address
  • continued rigorous market testing with the focus population and refinement of the solution as needed
  • persuasive and polished pitch for potential investors

Finalist Pitch Round

In December, the five organizations will give a final pitch to AHF staff, Innovation Partner, AHF board members, program committee members, community stakeholders, SMEs, and potentially a Blue-Ribbon panel.  The AHF Board of Directors will have an opportunity to ask questions of the Innovation Partner and SMEs before making a final vote to determine the winner of the $1 million grant. The final scoring and evaluation of finalists will include a required 15-minute in-person presentation, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A, with weighting as follows:

  • In-Person Presentation – 20% of overall score
  • Scoring Rubric for Written Plan – 80% overall score

The in-person presentation is at the sole cost of the grant applicant.  Alliance’s Board of Trustees will make the final determination after the in-person presentations, which will be held privately (not open to the general public). The applicant selected for the $1 million i2 Innovation milestone-contingent Challenge Grant will be announced in January 2023, and the identity of the selected grantee will be publicly posted at

To receive the full amount of the grant, the grantee will need to meet each milestone specified in the grant agreement entered into between the Alliance Healthcare Foundation and the Grantee.

Alliance Healthcare Foundation has no obligation to fund the full i2 Challenge Grant amount if all milestones are not met.

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Innovation Partner & Affiliates



Innovation Partner & Affiliates

We are grateful for the partnership of the health, wellness and innovation communities of San Diego. The following business accelerator has been selected to serve as AHF’s i2 Innovation Partner.

2022 Innovation Partner (TBA)

Role of Innovation Partner

  • Serve as a thought partner on eligibility criteria, evaluation process and customized coaching program.
  • Help source social entrepreneurs for application process.
  • Develop and deliver a 1-day or multi-day workshop (content and speakers) for the 25 applicants selected during Phase 1
  • Participate in evaluation of applicants at conclusion of Phase 1 (25 to 10 applicants); Phase 2 (10 to 5 applicants), and Phase 3 (5 to winner).
  • Provide 1:1 mentoring and/or coaching to i2 finalists to improve their business models, demonstrate meaningful progress towards building/implementing their solution and perfect their presentations for funding
  • Serve as a thought partner on the determination of milestones for the final i2 Challenge Grant winner.

We also wish to acknowledge the following Innovation Affiliates for their marketing assistance in helping spread the news of the i2 Challenge Grant so that we are able to make the grant applications accessible to as many eligible enterprises as possible.

Innovation Affiliates

(more details to come!)

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i2 Journey Workshops



i2 Journey Workshops

More details to come!

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Evaluation & Scoring Considerations



Evaluation and Scoring Considerations

The eligible submissions will be reviewed using a distinct scoring rubric for each phase of the challenge, focused on the following criteria. (Note: initial proposals submitted will not be expected to meet all criteria from the beginning of the i2 Journey, however these are the core elements AHF will be looking for to make a final decision after the year-long process):

Criteria Details

Is the approach informed and supported by the community it wishes to serve?

Does the solution address community and stakeholder needs, engaging them in an ongoing, inclusive way to ensure long-term impact?


Will the solution meaningfully deliver the desired “results” outlined above?

Has the product demonstrated that it is solving a real pain point / addressing a real need for customers?

How deep/wide is the potential positive impact for marginalized populations, and how would this be measured?

Is there an explicit racial equity lens?

Is there an explicit social equity/justice lens?


Does the team have the experience, capacity, creativity, and understanding of local conditions to mitigate risk; deliver the intended results, and scale successfully?

Is the plan and budget practical with a clear and reasonable path to sustainability?

Evidence Based

Does the proposal present reasonable evidence that the innovation will yield concrete results for customers?

Is the solution well-positioned to adapt to other contexts to impact more people over time?

Scale and Sustainability

Does the business model demonstrate clear potential and strong evidence for significant growth and scale?

Is there a clear and feasible sustainability plan?

Market Understanding (Acceptance and Readiness)

Does the business plan/management team understand the size of the total addressable market (TAM)?

Does the organization/management team have evidence of customer adoption, loyalty, etc.?

Does the business model describe trends that make the solution possible; focus on why the product is defensible; and display unique market insight?

Management Team

Is the management team representative of the community/customers that will be most impacted by the solution?

Does the management team have a proven track record of success?

Does the governance structure demonstrate inclusive decision-making?

Does the management team support its employees (i.e. benefits, professional development, flexibility, etc.)?


What has our experience been guiding the team through the i2 process?

Does the management team have the expertise needed to be successful or the ability to source it?

Do they accept constructive feedback and modify as needed?

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Judges & Evaluators



Judges & Evaluators


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Compensation during the 2022 i2 Journey

We recognize the time commitment that i2 applicants will be making to participate in the i2 Journey culminating in the final pitch in December 2022. To compensate each applicant for this time, AHF will be providing stipend funding at each formal phase of the Journey as follows:

  • Phase 1 (up to 25 applicants) – $1,000
  • Phase 2 (up to 10 applicants) – $5,000
  • Phase 3 (up to 5 finalists) – $20,000

In the case where no applicant receives a score of at least 75/100 or higher, Alliance Healthcare Foundation reserves the right not to select any applicant to receive the i2 Challenge Grant.

Funding for the i2 Challenge Winner will be Contingent on Meeting Milestones

AHF will select one i2 grantee who will be eligible to receive up to a total of $1 million in grant payments to use for developing and scaling the proposed solution, contingent upon meeting certain milestones along the way that support and provide evidence towards an innovative, sustainable, and scalable solution aimed at improving health outcomes and reducing disparities for under-resourced populations. The impact must specifically target San Diego and/or Imperial counties (although it can have additional broader reach with scaling).

All proposed solutions must have a clear financial sustainability pathway with timeline that is not reliant on ongoing grant funding once implemented and scaled. Alliance Healthcare Foundation is committed to supporting efforts that are grounded in health equity (i.e., focus on marginalized/under-resourced communities, culturally-sensitive practices, etc.).

Recognizing that solving the most intractable healthcare and social problems requires new and cross-sector thinking, including community voices. Preference will be given to innovations that include defined multi-sector partner(s) as co-applicant(s).

Requirements Specific to For-Profit Applicants

As a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization, AHF’s mission is to support and catalyze meaningful positive impact for vulnerable populations. It is the responsibility of AHF to ensure that its charitable dollars are stewarded with integrity for the benefit of vulnerable populations, now and in the future. AHF recognizes that its funding of i2 solutions that have a for-profit participant or partners will likely increase the enterprise value of the for-profit entity. It is AHF’s intent to replenish some of its charitable funding sources via warrants issued from participating for-profit entities to help ensure AHF’s mission and support of vulnerable populations and non-profit organizations can continue into the future.

If a for-profit organization receives a grant from AHF’s Innovation Fund, that for-profit organization must issue to Alliance Healthcare Foundation a purchase right (a “Warrant”) that enables AHF to purchase a number of the most senior equity securities of the for-profit organization equal to 20% of AHF’s contribution at the time the Warrant is exercised. The purchase price at the time the Warrant is exercised shall be discounted 10% from the amount priced at the next qualified equity financing or if public, from the market price at the date the warrant is issued. The Warrant will be a condition of the grant and will remain in effect for a period of ten (10) years following the effective date of the Warrant.


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2022 i2 Terms & Conditions



2022 $1 Million i2 Challenge Grant Award Terms & Conditions 

The selected i2 Innovation Grantee will be eligible to receive grant funding of up to $1 million, which will be distributed to the Grantee in tranches contingent on the Grantee achieving defined milestones set forth in the grant agreement entered into by the Alliance Healthcare Foundation and the Grantee. Milestones will be formalized as an exhibit to the grant agreement and derived from the contents of applicant’s proposed final plan as described in its in-person presentation.

The Grantee will receive: (a) access to Alliance Healthcare Foundation’s facility located in San Diego, CA for project meetings, space allowing and reserved ahead of time, and in accordance with current public health guidelines; (b) mentorship from experienced executives in partnership with our Innovation Partner, and (c) exposure to other funders and stakeholders.

In the case where no applicant receives a score of at least 75/100 or higher, Alliance Healthcare Foundation reserves the right not to select any applicant to receive the i2 Challenge Grant.

By submitting an application, you as an applicant agree to these i2 Innovation Challenge Grant Award Terms & Conditions in full which each applicant should read in advance of any grant submission. Applicants may submit only one application per organization.

A prospective grant applicant will not be eligible to submit an i2 Challenge Grant application and participate in the i2 competitive grant process if it does not affirmatively agree to abide by the Terms & Conditions, specifically including that the selected grantee must meet agreed upon milestones before the grantee will receive the full grant amount and that a for-profit organization grantee (as the solution proposer or partner) must issue Warrants to Alliance Healthcare Foundation, to be utilized in furtherance of AHF’s charitable mission and purpose. A sample of the warrant agreement can be viewed here (coming soon).

By submitting an application, you as an applicant represent, warrant and covenant to AHF that you have read these Terms  & Conditions, and the descriptions and other content included in the i2 Challenge Grant application, in full and understand them, and further that all information and materials submitted and contained in the application (collectively, including without limitation ideas, discoveries, know-how, inventions, proposals, plans, designs and developments and any versions or derivatives of the foregoing, “Submitted Materials”) (a) are complete, accurate, true and current in all respects, (b) are exclusively owned by you the applicant, and that you have all rights, authorizations and consents necessary to provide such Submitted Materials to AHF and to grant rights to AHF to use such Submitted Materials in furtherance of AHF’s mission, and (c) will not, and any and all permitted uses will not, infringe or violate any laws, regulations or third party rights.

By submitting an application, you as an applicant further agree that if you and your application fails to meet all applicable grant-related milestones, you hereby authorize and grant to AHF a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license for AHF to use, practice, copy, modify and otherwise exploit any Submitted Materials in connection with AHF’s mission.

By submitting an application, you as an applicant agree that the Submitted Materials shall not include or involve (and such applicant will not transmit or disseminate or permit the transmission or dissemination of): any discriminatory, defamatory, disparaging, threatening, abusive or otherwise objectionable content; any content that violates the rights of any party; any content that violates any applicable AHF or i2 terms, rules, policies or procedures, or any applicable laws or regulations; or any content that includes or could trigger any harmful code (or other harmful or unauthorized materials).  In addition, you as an applicant agree that you will not engage in, or permit, any of the following conduct: make any statement related to AHF, i2 or any other applicant that, in AHF’s opinion, is false, misleading, unauthorized, disparaging or otherwise harmful or inappropriate; use any name or trademarks of AHF or i2 in any marketing or publicity without AHF’s prior written consent in each instance; or engage in any negligent, harmful, dangerous, threatening, abusive, infringing, discriminatory, unethical or illegal activities in connection with i2 or AHF.

Except with respect to seeking preliminary injunctive relief in a court of competent jurisdiction in connection with the protection or enforcement of intellectual property rights, any dispute, claim, cause of action or proceeding arising out of or relating to i2 (or the application or award process) shall be resolved by mandatory, binding arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association.  The arbitration shall be conducted in San Diego, California. The arbitration award shall be final and exclusive, and the prevailing party in the arbitration may file an action in court to confirm and to enforce the arbitration award.  Any dispute, claim, cause of action or proceeding arising out of or relating to i2 (or the application or award process) shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action.

You as an applicant must execute and return, and the receipt of any grant award (or other recognition) by an applicant from AHF is conditioned upon and subject to such applicant executing and returning, AHF’s designated liability and publicity release.  The liability release will include that you as an applicant, to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law, release AHF and its officers, directors, employees, staff and agents (collectively, “Released Parties”) from and against any claim or cause of action of any kind arising out of or relating to participation in any i2 program, prize or application process, including without limitation any claim relating to any AHF programs or activities that may be similar to or related to any Submitted Materials (or any program or activities described or contemplated therein).  By submitting an application, you as an applicant acknowledge that Released Parties have neither made nor are in any manner responsible for any warranty, representation or guarantee of any kind related to or arising from any i2 program, grant award or application process.

AHF reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any applicant that AHF finds or reasonably suspects to be acting in violation of any applicable i2 terms, rules, policies or procedures.  If for any reason an i2 program is not reasonably capable of running as planned, AHF reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the i2 program, or any portion thereof, at any time.

These terms and conditions and those of the grant and warrant cannot be modified or changed except in a writing executed by applicant and AHF.

# # #

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Q: What is i2?

A:  i2 is short for Innovation Initiative, a $1 million challenge grant which includes a 12-month mentored journey culminating in a final pitch session to a panel of judges.

Q: What kind of grant is i2?

A: The 2022 i2 Challenge Grant is a $1 million milestone-based grant awarded once a year to one entity through a rigorous evaluation process.

Q: How will each phase be scored? 

A:  Each phase of the i2 Journey is scored using a separate set of criteria and metrics. Criteria that we will be reviewing include community-informed, impact, feasibility, evidence supported, scale and sustainability, market understanding, and management team. The scoring metrics will be determined based on the mix and nature of applicants at each phase. Scoring per phase will be shared with applicants prior to the start of each phase.

Q: What are the milestones for funding?

A: Milestones will be formalized as an exhibit to the grant agreement and derived from the contents of applicant’s proposed final plan as described in its in-person presentation.

Q: Can anyone apply?

A:  No. Applicants must be either a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; social enterprise, and/or a collaboration of multiple entities with a lead applicant. Individuals are not eligible.

Q: What is health equity?

A: “Health equity means that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible. This requires removing obstacles to health such as poverty, discrimination, and their consequences, including powerlessness and lack of access to good jobs with fair pay, quality education and housing, safe environments, and health care.” Definition from Robert Wood Johnson.

Q: What are health disparities?

A: “Health disparities are differences in health or in the key determinants of health (such as education, safe housing, and freedom from discrimination) that adversely affect marginalized or excluded groups. Disparities in health and in the key determinants of health are how we measure progress toward health equity.” Definition from Robert Wood Johnson.

Q: What are Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)?

A: “Social determinants of health (SDOH) are the conditions in the environments where people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship, and age that affect a wide range of health, functioning, and quality-of-life outcomes and risks.” Definition from U.S. DHHS. We believe that 80-90% of an individual’s overall wellbeing is determined by the social determinants of health and 10-20% is determined by medical, clinical care.

Q: Are the workshops a requirement for participation?

A: The workshops are not a requirement for participation and are optional for participants. They are a valuable resource for you as you build your business model and are led by subject matter experts. (There is no charge to the i2 applicants or finalists.)

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