Survivors of Torture, International

Mission Statement: Survivors of Torture, International facilitates the healing of torture survivors and their families; educates professionals and the public about torture and its consequences; and advocates for the abolition of torture. Through an innovative, contracted-provider model we have helped torture survivors become active, healthy members of the community.

Advancing Health and Wellness: SURVIVORS serves a truly pressing need in that unlike officially recognized refugees, asylum seekers are not eligible for medical benefits or other social services assistance while they await the outcome of their case — a process that can take months or even years. Meanwhile, hundreds of torture survivors who are asylum seekers — some of whom are testing positive for TB and Hepatitis — are being released into the San Diego community with no benefits for medical treatment. Most of SURVIVORS’ clients are under 250% of the Federal poverty line. In fact, often they have little financial resources at all.

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Contact Information: Kathi Anderson;; 619-278-2400 or 619-278-2407 | | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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