Statement from the Board of Trustees & Staff of Alliance Healthcare Foundation


As we begin 2017, we take this moment to reflect upon our core values and consider how we can be of greatest service.

The Board of Trustees & staff of Alliance Healthcare Foundation stand hand in hand with San Diego and Imperial County communities in an unwavering commitment to health equity and wellness.

Because, for too many, health equity does not currently exist, we reiterate our vision and affirm our commitment to our vision.

“We envision a San Diego and Imperial County region where equitable health resources lead to universal health and well-being.”

We draw on our firm belief that our communities can, and therefore must, continue to exemplify the best of humanity and will represent at all times our respect for diversity, human rights and the inclusion of all.

At the start of this New Year, we call on our partners, stakeholders and leaders to join us in representing the change our communities need from us – now and into the future.

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