December 19, 2016

iEngageU: Mental Health & Recovery Resources

AHF iEngageU Forum: Mental Health & Recovery

Collaborative efforts and sharing data between non-prof organizations.

On Thursday, December 15, 2016, Alliance Healthcare Foundation hosted the community for our fourth iEngageU town-hall-styled event, addressing Mental Health & Recovery for at-risk youth, low income and the homeless.

Our panel for this event included:

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Presentations from iEngageU Panelists

Q&A was encouraged throughout the event to allow for audience involvement and discussion. General points of discussion included:

  • Successes and challenges in advancing mental health and wellness in San Diego County
  • Gaps in the system
  • Lessons learned

This informative and interactive event provided an introduction to each organization from their respective leaders, and a brief overview of their AHF funded work, including:

  • Obtaining earned income for intensive TAY case management
  • Assessing increased demand for services and expansion of the social work team
  • Providing an alternative to emergency rooms and jails for low income and homeless suffering from addiction and mental & physical health crises
  • Addressing intervention, prevention and treatment for youth at-risk for mental illness and addiction


Key Quotes from iEngageU Panelists

  • “We redesigned our website about a year ago and the analytics showed that 80% of the people that contacted us were utilizing it for health. So we made it easier for people to get the services they need.” – Greg Anglea from Interfaith Community Services on using technology and social media
  • “For us there’s always this exit piece. How can youth be self-sustaining?…For us that workforce is a critical piece to get out of poverty and break the cycle.” – Matt D’Arrigo from A Reason to Survive (ARTS) speaking about ARTS Enterprise
  • “Realize and remember they got into this because their heart is in it. If you can speak to their heart…it starts to break through the noise and distractions.” – Nancy Sasaki from AHF discussing methods to get through to CEOs and Execs
  • “Let’s not let the dollar drive our model about how we deliver the services.” – Walter Philips, San Diego Youth Services
  • “In organizations, if staff are building collaborations, you have to figure out how to take that up the ladder. As a middle manager or frontline staff, be persistent.” – Don Stump, North County Lifeline
  • “Recruitment and engagement has been a hot topic for us. Having a presence on campus, whether its through Art classes or murals on campus builds trust.” – Matt D’Arrigo, A Reason to Survive (ARTS)
  • “We’re creating an environment that makes us look attractive for people who don’t know they need our services.” – Nancy Sasaki from AHF speaking about giving youth a place where they feel welcomed

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If you have questions about this event or its content, please contact Michele Silverthorn at or call (858) 875-3305.


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