Project New Village

Mission Statement: Project New Village of Southeastern San Diego serves as a catalyst for local residents, business, activists, academia and government to work together to build stronger neighborhoods, improve the quality of life and to stimulate collective investment in better health.
Advancing Health and Wellness: Our goal is to maximize the availability of good food and create a neighborhood destination which promotes purchasing and consuming neighborhood food as an investment in better health, wealth and community cohesion.
Description: Project New Village (PNV) provides access to healthy food for those without it today; it is a “home grown” community development agent that repurposes resources for the biggest positive impact; it is changing relationships between people in Southeastern San Diego and their food for improved health and for social and economic justice. PNV strengthens communities through the development of beautiful, beneficial and bountiful neighborhood food options, such as community gardens, farmers markets, crop swapping and healthier retail.  PNV engages community stakeholders in transformative community action using a social-ecological model to promote health equity and improve the quality of life for residents in some of the of the most affected neighborhoods in the city.

Contact Information: Diane Moss, Managing Director, | | Facebook | Twitter

Address: 5106 FEDERAL BLVD STE 103, San Diego, CA, 92105-5454

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