March 2, 2015

Mission Statement: To respond to the needs of San Diegans by creating innovative and cost-effective programs to empower and stabilize the lives of underserved families and individuals.


Advancing Health and Wellness: Dreams for Change (DfC) is advancing health and wellness within San Diego’s vulnerable populations through innovative and targeted services focusing on homelessness, nutrition and access to benefits. DfC believes a “bring the service to you” model is most effective in reaching vulnerable populations in a  timely manner. Our Safe Parking Program has proven to be a successful model to assist people end their homeless episode by providing safety, intensive case management, employment development and financial coaching. We believe all members of the community should have access to affordable nutritional food sources. Our food trucks bring hot, healthy meals directly to the homeless in San Diego and to seniors in North County where identified gaps in meal provisions exist. DfC supports individuals and families in achieving financial stability, accessing health benefits and receiving a consistent nutritious food supply through CalFresh, public benefits and Covered CA outreach and enrollment assistance.


Description: DfC’s most effective collaborations are the Seniors Connections, Earned Income Tax Coalition (EITC) and the Family Asset Building Coalition. DfC’s newest collaborative effort is the Senior Connections project. Interfaith Community Services (ICS), Rancho Santa Fe Foundation and DfC are collaborating to bring a new, innovative program to vulnerable seniors in North San Diego County. The Senior Connections project incorporates DfC’s food truck model to bring hot and healthy farm-to-table meal options, while ICS provides activities and case management services to engage the seniors during meal service. Again, we are changing the status quo by bring services directly to the seniors at mobile home parks and churches through the use of unconventional methods of full-service food trucks with onsite services to increase the health and wellness of our community’s vulnerable seniors.


Contact Information: | Facebook | Mailing Address: PO Box 16327, San Diego, CA 92176 | Office: 21 16th Street, San Diego, CA 92101

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