September 25, 2017

Alliance Healthcare Foundation Chooses Winner of $1 Million Innovation Initiative (i2) Award

Annual i2 award given to project with potential to significantly and positively impact health and wellness issues through systems change.

San Diego, CA. September 25, 2017. Alliance Healthcare Foundation (AHF), a nonprofit organization working to advance health and wellness for those in need in San Diego and Imperial Counties, recently chose the winner of its $1 million Innovation Initiative (i2) Award. This year’s winner will focus on underserved members of the San Diego community through an innovative, technology-driven program designed to improve health outcomes. The program will improve individual health, public health, and healthcare costs.

The winning program, to be officially announced in full detail in 2018, was selected from a group of more than 20 nonprofit organizations that submitted proposals. Each submission needed to address how the proposed program would be an innovative solution that significantly and positively impacts health and wellness issues through systems change.

“The purpose of our Innovation Initiative is to identify and reward a nonprofit organization who can improve the health and wellness of underserved populations by decreasing costs, improving quality, and increasing capacity,” said Nancy Sasaki, executive director of AHF.

“We selected this program because it uses technology in a fresh, exciting way that has the potential to improve health outcomes wherever issues stand in the way of patients receiving optimal care,” said Dr. Rodney G. Hood MD, physician, board trustee, and program committee member. “This innovative program also has the ability to reduce cost while improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare for underserved communities regardless of location.”

Already in its 9th year, AHF’s Innovation Initiative (i2) program continues to fund organizations in the nonprofit health sector that are taking noble strides to improve the healthcare system.


About Alliance Healthcare Foundation
Alliance Healthcare Foundation (AHF) works to advance health and wellness for the most vulnerable—the poor, uninsured and underinsured, children, and homeless individuals in San Diego and Imperial Counties. We look for ways to collaborate with nonprofit, government, and community agencies to further this goal. For more information visit AHF can also be found on Twitter (@AllianceHF) and on Facebook at

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