March 2, 2015

Mission Statement: The Alliance Health Clinic’s (AHC) mission is to provide low-cost primary healthcare, behavioral health and oral care for the low income, immigrants, refugees and community members regardless of age, sex or pre-existing conditions.

Advancing Health and Wellness: Most AHC patients are refugees or immigrants who have unique health needs that present challenges to the delivery of care, such as language and/or cultural differences, transportation issues and health illiteracy. AHC implements a whole-person model of care that is hands-on. Staffs speak multiple languages (some staffs speak five languages), and since most of them are refugees themselves, they have a deep understanding of what patients have been through. Case managers help patients with complex problems, and they navigate healthcare by making referral appointments, arranging transportation and accompanying the patient, if needed. At AHC, the patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes and/or hypertension are helped to manage their medical issues.  The inclusion of behavioral health care was critical in helping patients get well, as many have symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. The addition of the low-cost dental clinic is in response to an observed need.  The dental clinic, which is located in the same building, will start work in July 2015.  Beyond providing health care, patients become our family, and we help them with any issue they bring; e.g. housing, food and clothing.

Description: Alliance Health Clinic is a non-profit 501(c) 3 primary care medical facility providing comprehensive family practice care, including mental and dental care to the community regardless of age, sex or pre-existing conditions. AHC provides routine and urgent medical services ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics. AHC is unique in that it is located in the same building as the Alliance for African Assistance, providing a centralized place for services to the refugee community: health, resettlement/housing, education, after school programs, translation/telemedicine communication in over 209 different languages and job placement. AHC works to improve the health and well-being of these populations in addition to other medically underserved communities in San Diego County by focusing on preventive health programs and medical, mental and dental care services in a culturally sensitive and competent fashion.

Contact Information: Walter Lam,, (619) 229-8030 | Facebook |

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