Who can apply?

Organizations and projects must align with our mission. We have different criteria for each of our programs. With the exception of i2, we make awards to nonprofit organizations and public agencies that advance the health and wellness of the most vulnerable populations in San Diego and Imperial counties. Applicant organizations or their fiscal sponsor must have valid tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and be classified as a public charity.

For i2, applicants may be a social enterprise, nonprofit, B Corp or for-profit.

Do we fund organizations outside of San Diego or Imperial counties?

The project must initially benefit the most vulnerable populations in San Diego and/or Imperial County. We do not require that the headquarters of the organization be physically in either county. Additionally, we have funded a number of projects whose benefits have scaled beyond the region, including state and national.

Do we provide funding to individuals?

No. We provide funding to organizations exclusively. See “who can apply” above.

Do we fund organizations that have fiscal sponsors?

Yes. See “who can apply” above.

Do we limit administrative fees for universities or public applicants?

Yes. Administrative fees are limited to 15%.


When can I submit a proposal for funding?

Each of our programs has a distinct funding cycle. Please refer to the specific program page for more information.

Can you tell me why my inquiry was denied?

Yes. If we decline your funding request, we will share with you the reason for the denial.

My organization was previously declined for funding. Can I reapply?


What should I do if I can’t find my saved application?

Please contact our Chief of Staff, Bryan Fisher, at 858.875.3330 or