This Month @AllianceHF: November 2014

In recognition of Lung Cancer Awareness month, I’m joined by Jessie Bustamante, Executive Director of the American Lung Association in San Diego who  shared her expertise on Lung Cancer. 

With November’s episode of This Month @AllianceHF, we also fill you in on the latest nonprofit news and events in the area so you can continue to grow with your community.

We discuss:

  • Lung Cancer with Jessie Bustamante, Executive Director, American Lung Association
  • Mission Support Grant Application Update
  • Solving homelessness in New Orleans and NYC.
  • Solving homelessness here in San Diego

As always we’ve answered your questions live! Please view the video above to watch the episode.

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0625_AHF_Nancy-SQ-500-Nancy Sasaki, Executive Director
Allaince Healthcare Foundation




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