This Month @AllianceHF – June 2014

This month, Nancy and Sylvia cover a variety of topics, including an Innovation Initiative Update and some exciting news about the current health status of San Diegans. You’re going to love what a recent report said about our overall health and wellness!

With this episode of This Month @AllianceHF, we fill you in on the latest nonprofit news and events in the area so you can continue to grow with your community.

 This Month we discuss:

  • An update to our Innovation Initiative (i2) grant
  • 25 Cities with special guest Michael McConnell
  • Goodbye to Arthur
  • Working Together to End Hunger in North County
  • Aggregated responses of the top 3 things that would make programs effective
  • SD Strengthening Families: Community Prevention Dialogue on Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework
  • A special distinction for San Diego in the 2014 American Fitness Index

And, as usual, the AHF executive director offers up plenty of thanks for those individuals and organizations who help and support AHF along the way.

Tune in below to catch up on everything new this month at AHF:



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