March 3, 2015

San Diego, CA—
Alliance Healthcare Foundation (AHF), a nonprofit organization which works to advance health and wellness for the poor and underserved in San Diego and Imperial County, recently hired Chief Financial Officer Paul Brown and Program Officer Michele Silverthorn.

PaulPaul Brown previously served at The Wheat Group, where he positioned the assets of the multimillion-dollar company to create a strong position into the future. In addition, he provides services to the San Diego Sports Innovators as a financial advisor for innovative projects and companies.

“I’m excited to join such a talented team of staff and board members,” Brown said. “I look forward to contributing to the company’s success with financial strategies and solutions that will sustain our ability to advocate and support organizations making a difference in providing critical healthcare services for San Diego’s underserved populations.”

AHF Executive Director Nancy Sasaki said she expects Brown and Silverthorn to make an immediate impact within the organization, drawing on their past experience and future vision to help further the organization’s mission.

“Alliance Healthcare Foundation is very excited to add Ms. Silverthorn and Mr. Brown to our staff,” Sasaki said. “They have extensive experience in the field, and we feel that their goals are aligned with ours, making them the perfect addition to our team moving forward.”

Michele Silverthorn comes to AHF from FouMichelendation for Change, where she built communities at the grassroots level. Ms. Silverthorn managed grant processes, facilitated the board of directors’ activities, and coordinated community engagement efforts throughout San Diego County. Much of her previous work focused on the underserved, whether through food systems, the Peace Corps in El Salvador, or immigrant worker health issues.

As Alliance Healthcare Foundation’s new Program Officer, I am fortunate to be combining my passions and experience to advance health and wellness for the underserved communities of San Diego and Imperial Counties,” Silverthorn said. “With more than 10 years of community development, outreach and program management experience, internationally and nationally, I am looking forward to building on the successes of AHF and continuing to create innovative change in our most vulnerable populations.”

“With the addition of Mr. Brown and Ms. Silverthorn, our team is now positioned to work even more closely with the community to advance health and wellness in both San Diego and Imperial counties,” Sasaki said. “I am looking forward to the impact this team will have supporting non-profit organizations that are making a difference in our community.”

About Alliance Healthcare Foundation Alliance Healthcare Foundation is a San Diego-based nonprofit which works with nonprofit, government and community agencies to advance health and wellness throughout the San Diego and Imperial Counties. AHF works to serve the most vulnerable – the poor, working poor, children and homeless by providing grants, advocacy and education to support its region. To learn more about AHF visit:   AHF on Facebook, AHF on LinkedinAHF on Google+, AHF on Youtube, AHF on Twitter To learn more about our grantees visit here: AHF’s Grantee Page 

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