March 2, 2015


Mission Statement: Reality Changers advances health and wellness by providing services that reduce levels of toxic stress, which—when left unchecked—produce major lifelong health issues. Toxic stress more than doubles the likelihood of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart disease, and depression.


Advancing Health and Wellness: In a community where only 3% of the adult population have graduated college, 97% of Reality Changers students have enrolled in higher-education institutions, and 86% have graduated or are still persisting in college. Only 8% of low-income youth in America graduate from college. Even worse, less than 3% of adults in Reality Changers’ locality hold a college degree. How has Reality Changers changed this status quo? 97% of program alumni attend college and 86% have graduated or continue to persist.


Description: After working with gang members for five years, Reality Changers Founder Christopher Yanov felt that it was just not right that most inner-city teenagers today know more people who have been shot or killed in the street than people who are on the road to college. As a response, Reality Changers began in May 2001 with four 8th-grade students near downtown San Diego with the hope of building first-generation college students. Reality Changers consists of three core programs: College Town, College Apps Academy, and the Alumni Network.


Contact Information: Christopher Yanov, Founder and President | | Facebook

Address: 3910 University Ave., Ste. 300-RC San Diego, CA 92105

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