March 2, 2015

Mission Statement: North County Lifeline’s mission is to build self-reliance among youth, individuals, and families through problem solving, skill building, and accessible community-based services.

Our Vision: At North County Lifeline we envision a thriving community that provides the opportunity for everyone to live a purposeful and successful life. We strive to give our clients the help they need to become:

  • Effective at managing mental health and substance abuse issues,
  • free of criminal involvement,
  • gainfully employed,
  • stably housed,
  • connected to their community in meaningful ways,
  • and supported by a network of community resources.

Description: North County Lifeline is a community-based, nonprofit human services organization that works to give the youth and families of North San Diego County the tools they need to solve their own problems and become self-reliant.

Lifeline is respected as a leader in the community, forming collaborative partnerships to address local community issues and regional social problems such as gang activity, joblessness, and human trafficking. Lifeline is also a well-known training organization for interns in the social service fields. This strategy is mutually beneficial, allowing us to deliver quality programs at minimum costs while providing young professionals with the mentoring and practical experience they need to achieve their career goals.

Lifeline offers more than 40 programs that serve primarily low to extremely low-income families in five focus areas: Youth Development, Housing and Family Stability, Behavioral Health, Child Abuse Prevention, and Mediation and Legal Services. Our priorities include mental health and youth services for high-need populations focusing on transition age youth, homeless K-12 students and their families, youth with severe emotional disorders, and youth with risk factors for drugs, alcohol, depression, and suicide.

Every year, Lifeline serves more than 5,000 people in an intensive coaching or clinical setting – providing counseling that strengthens coping skills and works to break the cycle of poverty, violence, and neglect. In addition to our intensive client services, Lifeline provides outreach, education, and referrals to more than 12,000 people annually.


Contact Information: Shannon Stubblefield; | 760-842-6257 | | Facebook

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