February 1, 2014

Mission Statement: The mission of Neighborhood House of Calexico is to follow God’s calling to love one another and to bring together individuals and resources to provide leadership, to advocate for community betterment to meet the needs of the less fortunate, and to give voice to individuals who otherwise remain invisible and silent.

Advancing Health and Wellness: The Neighborhood House Farmers Market has advanced health and wellness by providing fresh, affordable food to El Centro’s underserved East Side community, which is a federally USDA-designated food desert. In addition to eliminating barriers that prevent east-side residents from accessing fresh, affordable food, healthy living guidelines are promoted, as well as the creation of backyard gardeners and small-scale farmers. The Neighborhood House Farmers Market takes place every second Saturday of the month. In addition to fresh, affordable produce, free organic gardening workshops and healthy living demonstrations are given onsite at every farmers market. In addition, we are educating our community to be conscious of our industrial food system (i.e. GMO vs. Non-GMO foods, heirloom varieties, local food and food miles etc.) and to work toward creating a more just and sustainable food production and distribution system.

Description: Calexico Neighborhood House is an agency that serves people in need in the Imperial Valley, with special concern toward the needs of women and children. Thanks to the generous support of the community, Calexico Neighborhood House is able to provide direct services to over 5,000 persons per year in the following areas: preschool, emergency and transitional shelter for homeless women and children, micro business development, citizenship and English classes, meals for children, farmers market and community gardening development, and thrift shop services.

Contact Information: Ricardo Ortega, Director, ricardo@nhclx.org (760) 455-0520 | www.nhclx.orgFacebook | Twitter | YouTube

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