National City Public Safety Foundation

Mission Statement: The specific purpose of the National City Public Safety Foundation is to receive, hold, and manage funds for charitable and educational purposes, including but not limited to promoting and supporting the NCPSF and its programs benefiting the citizens of National City, and to assist and support the undertakings of the City of National City.

Advancing Health and Wellness: The National City Public Safety Foundation works closely with the National City Fire Department (NCFD) to help fund equipment needs to provide quality healthcare services to the National City community. Over time, the NCFD has seen its call volume grow from 1,500 calls to 7,300 calls for service annually. To keep up with the rising demand, the NCFD would like to fund a Fire Rescue Squad worth $100,000 as part of the NCFD’s Community Paramedicine Program, which closes the gap by expanding the role of the NCFD. A Squad is a crew cab truck with a service body and a small fire pump that is outfitted with paramedic equipment for EMS responses.

Description: To be fiscally responsible on how to manage our needed additional resources, the NCFD must look at innovative service delivery models that may provide a cost effective alternative to meet the ever increasing emergency calls for service. The NCFD will deploy the Squad to help reduce wear on our fleet of fire engines and our ladder truck, which costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace. The Squad will also augment our staff in order to meet our Mission of providing fire control, emergency medical service, rescue, fire prevention and education. The Squad will also help the department prepare for possible opportunities involving Community Paramedicine, which is in its infancy, but will involve first responders from the NCFD in the follow-up care and treatment of patients to better get them the definitive care they need.

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