December 3, 2018

Live Well San Diego News: Advancing the Vision

Intro by Elizabeth Dreicer, Interim Executive Director, AHF

Eight years ago, Live Well San Diego began with an innovative, but simple vision to create a region that is Building Better Health, Living Safely and Thriving. Every year, more San Diegans are living this vision which is made possible by new collaborations and partnerships formed by recognized partners around the county.

At Alliance Healthcare Foundation, we work to advance the health and wellness of those in need in San Diego and Imperial Counties through collaborative funding, convening and advocacy. We believe in the power of vision and collective action.

Through five programs—i2 (Innovation Initiative), Mission Support, Responsive Funding, InvestUp and Program Related Investments—we work with nonprofits, governments, social enterprises and other funders to strategically support excellent and transformative projects and programs that benefit the poor and working poor, uninsured and underinsured, homeless—infants through the elderly.

Collectively, by leveraging the diverse and growing network of community partners, we strive toward the vision in which every San Diegan is living well. Please join us in reading this month’s Live Well San Diego Newsletter, which highlights collaborations and partnerships throughout the county that are advancing the Live Well San Diego vision.

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