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Robert McCray main imageAlliance Healthcare Foundation’s Innovation Initiative (I2) rewards nonprofit organizations in the San Diego region for making significant positive change in the community’s health system.

Developed in 2010, this $1 million grant is given annually to a nonprofit organization which seeks to positively affect the welfare of its community, creating a better environment for people to live and to thrive.

“The purpose of our Innovation Initiative is to identify and reward a nonprofit organization that will make a substantial impact on the health system by decreasing costs, improving quality and increasing capacity,” said Nancy Sasaki, executive director of AHF.

AHF recognizes that with limited resources to meet the needs of its community, breakthrough innovation is needed to make life better for those it aims to serve.

That’s where the Innovation Initiative comes in.

Through I2, AHF seeks to alter the status quo by funding innovation designed to enhance the lives of those people most in need in their community.  Consequently, AHF has and is willing to support models of “disruptive innovation” that challenge the way the community as a whole defines and thinks about health care.

Community Information Exchange (CIE) represents a recipient of AHF's I2 grant.

Community Information Exchange (CIE) represents a recipient of AHF’s I2 grant.

With I2, AHF rewards the organizations that accomplish this mission particularly well and that are constantly seeking new ways to improve the lives of its community members, potentially reaching a larger audience and impacting people across the globe.

“The innovative program also has the ability to impact cost, quality and capacity of the healthcare delivery system worldwide,” said Dr. Rodney G. Hood MD, physician and Blue Ribbon panel member.

Now in its fifth round, AHF’s Innovation Initiative continues to reward exceptionally creative and innovative nonprofits in the San Diego and Imperial Counties, helping to push the limits of possibility within the world of healthcare.

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