Alliance is pleased to co-host with Game Changer five upcoming moderated conversations between members of law enforcement and community residents.

The ultimate goals for Game Changer are for community members, law enforcement and members of the judicial system, and elected officials to become better educated about one another, leading to a change in perceptions, which leads to a change in behavior, leading to a change in outcomes.

With experience since 2016 in bringing members of law enforcement and civilians into dialogue to learn more about each other and solve community problems together, Game Changer’s methodology has shown, from pre- and post-event perception surveys, that how members of law enforcement and civilians think of each other improves for those involved. We hope you will be able to join us at one or more of these events. Add your voice and be part of the solution. Registration is complimentary.

Changing Perceptions. Changing Behaviors. Changing Outcomes.
Meet with Law Enforcement for Open, Honest, Dialogue & Solve Community Problems Together.

Community residents and members of law enforcement are devising solutions to problems together. YES! This can happen in your neighborhood, too!

Event Schedule
Thursday,     June 24: 2-5pm
Wednesday, June 30: 2-5pm
Wednesday, July 14:  2-5pm
Wednesday, July 21:  2-5pm
Wednesday, July 28:  2-5pm

All events will be hosted on Zoom until further notice. Register here.

About Game Changer
Game Changer is an experiential learning model rooted in behavior psychology designed to bring about changes in perception and changes in behavior among law enforcement participants and civilian participants. Our organization consists of a diverse team comprised of community stake holders, current law enforcement, retired law enforcement, researchers, subject matter experts, and data analysts, which has been assembled to mitigate violence between law enforcement and the general public, and to improve relations between the two groups. Visit