June 30, 2019

San Diego, CA. June 30, 2019. For the tenth consecutive year, Alliance Healthcare Foundation (Alliance) has awarded Mission Support grants to nonprofit organizations committed to advancing health and wellness. The recipients were selected June 7, 2019, after an inclusive and detailed process that began earlier this year.

The 19 2019 recipients in San Diego County are:

Mission Support Awardees

Additionally, the newly-created Imperial Valley Wellness Foundation has awarded three grants totaling $85,000 to three Imperial Valley nonprofits:

Imperial Valley Mission Support Awardees

Alliance receives grant applications from organizations in San Diego and Imperial counties. This year, of the 147 applications received, 9 were from Imperial County, and 50 of the overall applications were repeat submissions from the prior year.

“The newly formed Imperial Valley Wellness Foundation Board of Trustees reviewed the Imperial Valley proposals and chose the grantees,” said Alliance’s Interim Executive Director Elizabeth Dreicer. “And, while the Imperial Valley grants have been awarded, leveraging Alliance Healthcare Foundation’s Mission Support grant process, they were entirely determined by the Imperial Valley Wellness Foundation as we believe that those closest to the issues are best positioned to determine these choices—indeed this is why we funded the creation of the Imperial Valley Wellness Foundation.”

Alliance has provided the funds to Imperial Valley Wellness Foundation thru its fiscal sponsor, the Imperial Valley Community Foundation, which will distribute the funds to the three non-profits.

“Through the Mission Support Grant program, Alliance aims to provide funding to organizations that advance health and wellness for those in need. Grants are awarded to nonprofits in San Diego and Imperial counties who serve the most vulnerable of our populations: the poor, children, elderly and the homeless,” said Dreicer. “The 2019 Mission Support Grant amounts range from $25,000 to $100,000 per recipient, totaling $1 million. Organizations can use the funding we provide as they determine, allowing them to apply the grant in a way that best meets the most pressing needs of the people they serve.”

“Our Mission Support Grants program continues to provide core operating support to organizations working to improve the health and wellness of underserved populations,” said Interim AHF Board Chair, Dr. Joe Ramsdell. “This year is especially important as it marks the first Mission Grant awards re-granted by the newly formed Imperial Valley Wellness Foundation, which we are proud to be supporting during its startup phase.”

“Community Health Improvement Partners’ mission of advancing long term solutions to priority health needs for all San Diegans is very much aligned with Alliance Healthcare Foundation’s vision of neighborhoods of wellness and wellbeing,” explains Ed Quinlan, President and CEO, Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP). “Most importantly, AHF’s commitment to support backbone organizations like CHIP who facilitate collaborative partnerships to make San Diego County a healthier community is much needed and appreciated.”

According to Bob McElroy, Chief Executive Officer of San Diego’s Alpha Project, “Alpha Project is thankful to receive the Mission Support Grant. Alliance Healthcare Foundation’s longtime support of Alpha Project’s mission and programs has been invaluable. This grant allows us to continue to serve over 4,000 homeless men, women and children each day. AHF’s generosity is a blessing to Alpha Project and everyone we serve.”

And further, according to Donna Durvin, Executive Director, US Programs San Diego for International Rescue Committee, “The International Rescue Committee of San Diego is dedicated to providing essential programs and services for refugees, asylum seekers, and other vulnerable families working to improve their health, safety, education, economic self-sufficiency, and overall well-being. There has never been a more critical time for sustaining and growing this assistance for families in need, and the IRC couldn’t be more grateful to Alliance Healthcare Foundation for this pivotal funding support of our efforts.”

Alliance’s Mission Support program objectives are to seek, support and trust organizations that are closest to those we aim to serve by providing core operating support to advance our mission and do the most good for the most people—the individuals and families that the organizations support. This is a tall order as AHF estimates that, there are 1.3 million individuals in San Diego and Imperial Counties who live below the self-sufficiency rate. (The Self-Sufficiency Standard measures how much income a family of a certain composition in a given place needs to adequately meet their basic needs—without public or private assistance.)

“We look forward to working with the 2019 Mission Support grantees,” Dreicer said. “It’s vital to our mission to support great organizations. Alliance recognizes that our limited capital is insufficient to meet the current needs. Consequently, we and other funders—both public and private—must continue to work together to evolve our current paradigm.”

To learn more about Alliance Healthcare Foundation’s Mission Support Grant program, visit this link.

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