AHF – Seeking Racial & Ethnicity Equity Audit

Alliance Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is seeking a consulting firm or individual(s) to conduct an organization-wide racial and ethnicity equity audit to support the foundation in its journey to centering racial equity in all facets of its work and being. Equity in the Center defines a racial equity culture as one that is focused on proactive counteraction of race inequities inside and outside an organization. AHF’s Leadership team (Executive Director, Program Officer, and Executive Committee as appropriate) will oversee the audit process with input and advisement from its San Diego Ad Hoc Wellness Committee.

  • Click here to access the full RFP, including scope of work.
  • Deadline to submit a proposal: August 1, 2022 at 5:00pm PST.

How we got to this point

At AHF, we are committed to incorporating a racial equity lens into our programs, policies, operations, and organizational culture. Beginning in 2020, we embarked on a journey of shared diversity, equity, and inclusion by way of facilitated trainings and collective learning and reflection. Over the past two years, we have prioritized racial equity in several portfolios of our work including our Mission Support program, strategic initiatives, and impact investments. We aim to be an anti-racist organization and that begins with deep internal reflection and adjustments. We anticipate that an internal racial equity audit will display to us the areas where we can improve and advance through our journey, and we are seeking an experienced organizational consultant who can provide support and guidance in this process.

Partnering with AHF Leadership is the Board of Directors, and specifically a subset of our board that comprise the San Diego Ad Hoc Wellness Committee. This committee will play a critical role in shifting the organization’s culture towards proactive counteraction of racial inequities inside and outside the organization. The role of the committee is to provide strategic oversight of the learnings from the audit, and AHF Leadership will be embedded in the day-to-day activities.

What we need

A comprehensive, organization-wide audit

As a continuation of our commitment to racial equity, AHF seeks a consulting firm or experienced individual(s) to engage in a comprehensive, organization-wide audit, which will culminate with recommendations based upon observations of programs, internal policies, culture, and organizational practices as they pertain to the foundation’s overarching goal of racial equity. The key focus of the audit is to build awareness and internal capacity in a way that will cultivate and nurture further forward progress, as such, we prefer to co-develop the process with the selected consultant(s). The audit will focus on race and ethnicity however we understand that there are additional identifying factors and disparities that are important such as gender, disability, language, etc., and we anticipate revisiting them at a later date. We request that the consultant(s) catalogue other opportunities to improve equity in other areas for AHF’s future consideration. The consultant(s) will work closely with our Executive Director and Program Officer.

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