AHF Innovation Initiative Update: The Progress of CIE San Diego

Community Information Exchange (CIE) San Diego continues to innovate.


Community Information Exchange (CIE) San Diego staff members stand alongside regional board members during a photo-op at United Way San Diego during Sept. 16’s CIE Celebration.

On Sept. 16, CIE San Diego held a celebration at United Way San Diego, highlighting some of their upcoming work and recognizing the network participant agencies, funders, board members, staff, and community members who helped it materialize.

As the recipient of AHF’s Innovation Initiative Award in 2011, CIE San Diego “helps the underserved get the help they need, when they need it, by facilitating seamless care coordination that improves client health and social outcomes.”

That mission, combined with their innovative and groundbreaking technology, made them a perfect candidate for the Innovation Initiative in 2011. Now, in 2015, they’re furthering this mission, as they’ve recently unveiled a newly refreshed client dashboard and launched Cohort 2, an initiative that will serve seniors aging in the community.


Alliance Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Executive Director Nancy Sasaki speaks during the CIE Celebration.

At the event, CIE San Diego hosted 40 attendees from more than 25 community-based organizations in the local government, health, and social service spaces. I attended the event on behalf of AHF, and it was a true honor to congratulate CIE San Diego on their successes and to see exactly how they’re using the Innovation Initiative to better the community’s health system.

The innovation initiative is our largest single award given each year, and CIE has become our largest innovation initiative investment.

We’d like to not only congratulate CIE San Diego and thank them for their work but to let this celebration encourage other community nonprofits to think about innovation as a possibility. Our health system still has areas that need to be refined, restructured, or connected in order to generate the results we strive for, and we believe the answers will come from the community.

You can see the full highlights from the celebration here:

We hope this moves you and motivates you to continue making our community a healthier, more innovative and connected place for everyone!

– Nancy Sasaki, AHF Executive Director

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