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Supporting the Safety Net:


Urgent and time-sensitive needs happen for everyone and nonprofits are no different. Our Responsive Grant program aims to fill that gap.

Available as a nonprofit’s “rainy day fund” for emergencies and unexpected circumstances, these grants respond to urgent needs of our communities.

Unlike some of our other funding programs in which we apply an intentional racial equity lens, responsive grants are approved based on the need and the challenge it presents to the nonprofit if not funded.

Responsive funding grants are up to $25,000 and are available until budgeted funds run out. Responsive funding requests may be submitted at any time.


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San Diego Oasis

Keeping seniors connected to family and friends through technology is just one of the many learning opportunities available through San Diego Oasis. At the onset of COVID-19, AHF provided a rapid response grant to San Diego Oasis to help close the digital divide for senior individuals who were experiencing isolation and an abrupt disconnection from in-person services that had disappeared overnight due to the pandemic. James (L) and Gerald (R) had never used digital technology before. They took tablet training together at San Diego Oasis to learn how to send emails to family and friends, and stay connected to important services and information during a time when almost everything became virtual overnight.

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COVID-19 Response

Like many funders, we shifted a significant amount of funding to support COVID-19 relief and response efforts, including: