i2 Innovation Initiative Funding Challenge Winner Reception

Join our Team (and Welcome our new Executive Director) and Board of Trustees along with other philanthropists, foundations, community leaders and i2 winners, as we celebrate the conclusion of our annual i2 Innovation Initiative Funding Challenge–$1M Innovation Health Prize–the largest private health prize competition in the U.S.

Date: Friday, July 19, 2019
Time: 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Location: San Diego Foundation, 2508 Historic Decatur Rd #200,
San Diego, CA 92106 (outside, west facing covered patio)

This event is for individual, private, foundation and government funders only.

i2 Innovation Initiative History

The i2 program had its beginning in 2010 when the Alliance Healthcare Foundation recognized it must inspire innovation to meet its mission as the poor outcomes coupled with increasing amount of dollars flowing to healthcare were becoming an ever-larger portion of the country’s GDP and therefore unsustainable. The Foundation’s i2 initiative is based on the thesis that innovation capital (often high risk, high reward) is needed to transform the current paradigm (high cost and poor outcomes).

As a result of this nearly decade-long effort, the Foundation has established a track record of sourcing, funding and developing scalable social enterprise innovations through the i2 Innovation Initiative. First launched in 2010, the i2 program has awarded $12 million to innovative organizations, including follow-up investment.

History. The i2 program has funded more than $12 million in prizes since 2010. Past winners include:

2018Multicultural Health Foundation’s Prevention Alliance, ($1M). An alliance of ethnic community organizations that collectively enable access to insurance payments for non-clinical community coaches to lift their community’s health and wellness.

2017Somali Family Services, ($1M). A medical education content provider designed to increase immunization rates in the Somali community and beyond.

2016Interfaith Community Service’s Recovery and Wellness Center, ($1M). A place for homeless and at-risk individuals to recuperate following surgical procedures, detox and step-down mental health.

2015Mental Health Systems, in partnership with North Inland Mental Health Clinic ($75K). A place where patients with serious mental illness receive a flipped model of care centered around their mental health needs with physical health wrapped around.

2014Solutions for Change, Solutions Farms ($880K grant + $900K loan). A living and educational campus for previously homeless families with a social enterprise aquaponic farm providing work experience and fresh produce for family residents and the community, including local schools.

2013Access Youth Academy, ($550K). An urban squash and academic youth mentorship program designed to promote college education and lift the health and wellbeing of low-income neighborhoods thru participating youth’s network effect on family, friends and neighbors.

2012UCSD Student-Run Free Clinic, Wireless Observed Therapy in partnership with Proteus, ($1M). Research and implementing digital medicine (chip inside pill that confirms medicine has been taken) reduces direct observed therapy increases cure rates (initially TB) while decreasing burden on patients, overall system costs and risk to public health.

2011211 San Diego, Community Information Exchange (CIE), ($4.5M since 2011). A community wide person-centered database to enable coordinated health and social services care for the most vulnerable.

2010Champions for Health, in partnership with Voxiva (now Wellpass), Text4Baby, ($440K). Text-based messaging targeted initially at high-risk moms to support mom and baby health during pregnancy and after.

2010 – Social Interest Solutions, One-e-App ($1.05M). A comprehensive software service designed to reduce hassles for families and individuals (and supporting service providers) checking eligibility and applying for multiple health, social service and other support programs.

An exemplar past i2 winner demonstrates the power of Alliance Healthcare Foundation’s strategy—Text4Baby. This interactive text service matches messages to pregnancy term and is designed to support mom and baby health during pregnancy and after. Initially targeted at high-risk moms and developed in partnership with Champions for Health and Voxiva (now owned by Wellpass), Alliance Healthcare Foundation’s seed investment funded key development and evaluation and contributed to the now well over 1 million moms that have used the Text4Baby service yielding $1 billion in value to society thru increased health of moms and babies.


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